What is the size of the necklaces?
In the description of all products appears the size of the necklace chain, in case you want a longer chain, we sell extension cords.
How can I know the size of my ring?
In the earrings, is the price per pair or per unit?
In the description of all the products it appears if the product is sold by pair or by unit.
What are the products made of?
All our products are made of sterling silver and 18k gold-plated silver. However, you will find the material in each product description.
Can I shower with the Jewels?
It's better not to do it to keep the gold plating. But it's OK if you forget it one day, but if you do it regularly the jewelry will lose some of its shine.
Can I order a personalized piece of jewelry?
Most of our jewellery is handmade so if you have any ideas we can try to make them for you.
Can I order any jewelry even if it is not on the web?
If there is any jewelry that is not on the web write us and if we have material we can make it for you.
How is the purchase process?
Once you have made the purchase you will receive an email with the confirmation of the order. When the order has been sent you will receive a second email with the tracking number.
How do I use the discount coupons?
At the end of the purchase process you will see a section with the option to add the code, you must write it there and then the discount will be applied automatically.
Do you have a physical shop?
We don't have a physical store, we sell through the website.
What does it mean that a product is "Out of Stock"?
It means that we do not have this product in stock, but we are restocking all the products.
There was a model on the website and it is no longer there. Are you going to replace it?
We have a lot of product rotation, most of the jewelry is being replaced. You can subscribe to the product stock alert and we will let you know when it is available. If there is any handmade jewelry we don't have, you can write us and we can make it for you.
What happens if an order is defective or you have received the wrong product?
You have 14 days to change any product.
The steps to follow to make the return:
Write us an e-mail to confirm the error to
Prepare the package as it arrived (original packaging) and send it to the address indicated by the sender.
Once we receive the package we will proceed to modify the initial order. When we send you again you will receive an e-mail with the new tracking number. The shipping costs will be paid by MTB.
From where do you make the orders?
The orders leave from Barcelona.
Where do you send?
We ship all over Spain through the company Correos Express.
International orders are made through Correos España
Can I pay by bank transfer, Verse or Bizzum?
You can write us an e-mail and we will place the order manually. We will send you an e-mail with the confirmation and we will send it once we receive the amount.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Credit/debit card and paypal.