Taupe Suede Fringed Handbag


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  • Taupe suede fringed bag.

    The perfect bag for those of us looking for an elegant yet bohemian style.

    The high quality suede material ensures this bag is durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. The fringed design adds a touch of texture and movement to any outfit. The combination of soft suede and fringe creates a bag that is both comfortable and attractive.

    It is the perfect size to carry your essentials: wallet, keys and mobile phone. It features a slim suede handle that fits snugly with the bag.

    The adjustable ETHNIC BAND with two buckles is sold separately.

    Make a fashion statement with our suede fringe bag today!


    CUSTOMIZE IT WITH YOUR INITIALS. (Custom bag delivery time is in

    3-5 working days as the embroidery is done one by one with the thread colour of your choice).

    Measurements: 25cm wide x 22cm high

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